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Dr. Maria Sophocles
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A Trusted Voice in Women’s Health

Dr. Maria Sophocles is a sought-after voice in women’s health, frequently featured in media outlets like USA Today, SHAPE Magazine, and Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio. She is a speaker for the SheMedia group and a member of their Flow Advisory Council. As a TED speaker, she influences global conversations on women’s health issues.

Dr. Sophocles is available to give presentations and keynote talks to industry groups, investors, clinicians, academia, or women’s groups.

The Bedroom Gap

The science behind menopause — and its unsexy impacts in the bedroom.

Photo credit: Erin Lubin / TED

Sexual Equity Emissary

Her forthcoming book, The Bedroom Gap, as well as her TEDWomen talk, discusses one small step towards gender equity by achieving better communication in the bedroom, better education for women and men and clinicians around sexual topics and age-related sexual changes, and ways to advocate for yourself.

Her style is one of warmth and approachability, informed but entertaining, with evidence-based stats lightly sprinkled into storytelling, with humor as the unifying thread that disarms defenses and invites authenticity, vulnerability, and learning from patients and audiences, whether live or virtual.

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