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Dr. Maria Sophocles

Gynecologist & Women’s Health Advocate

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Welcome! Meet Dr. Maria Sophocles, an internationally recognized gynecologist and a passionate advocate for women’s health. With nearly three decades of experience, Dr. Sophocles combines her extensive medical expertise with a personalized approach to patient care. Discover her mission to advance gender equity, specifically in women’s health. She hopes to move the needle forward through media, writing, and advocacy.

Advancing Gender Equity

in the workplace

in biopharma research & development

in healthtech investing

in government-sponsored initiatives

in public policy

in the home

in the bedroom

An Expert in Women's Health

From her distinguished education to founding Women’s Healthcare of Princeton and advocating for women’s rights, Dr. Sophocles’ journey is one of passion, innovation, and dedication. Discover how her experiences shape the care she offers today.

Expertise & Experience

Nearly three decades dedicated to women’s health, specializing in menopause management and female sexual health.

Innovative Treatments

Leading the way with non-estrogen options and Co2 laser technology for vaginal dryness and painful sex.

Global Advocate

A vocal advocate for gender equity, especially women’s health rights, to push for accessible healthcare solutions worldwide.

Personalized Patient

A bespoke virtual practice offering exclusive, tailored healthcare experiences.

A Personalized Approach to
Women's Healthcare

Dr. Maria Sophocles believes in a healthcare model that values listening, understanding, and partnership between patient and practitioner. With a commitment to innovative treatments and compassionate care, her bespoke virtual practice ensures every woman feels heard, respected, and empowered in her health decisions. YOU are in control of your health journey!

Hear From Patients

Real stories from women who’ve experienced the compassionate, expert care of Dr. Sophocles. Learn about their journeys to better health and better sex.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

On a Smaller, More Personalized & Intimate Scale

Dr. Sophocles’ virtual practice is more than healthcare—it’s a community of women empowered and informed about their health. Find out how you can become one of the select few to receive personalized, attentive care no matter where you are.